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Topic: Gig Instrument Editor - simple question

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    Gig Instrument Editor - simple question

    I\'ve been assembling drum samples into the editor and have found that I have to create a new folder in order to assign each individual sample. I have a folder of Kick drums, let\'s say 12 of them. If I import the entire folder of 12 samples into the editor, then go to wizard and assign them 12 half steps up the keyboard, I only hear the first sample on each note played. Is there something I\'m doing wrong. Is there an easy way to take all 12 samples and assign each a note along the keyboard without working with each sample individually. Your help is appreciated, much time could be saved. Minnow

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    Re: Gig Instrument Editor - simple question

    Are all the samples stereo or mono (i.e. not mixed)?

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    Re: Gig Instrument Editor - simple question

    Second page of the Instrument Wizard has an option to `Ignore Unity Notes`. Turn this on as well as `Automatic Assign Regions`. That should do it.

    I might have the option title wrong but its the checkbox just beneath the `Automatic Assign Regions` checkbox. If it\'s on turn it off, if its off turn it on... sorry I\'m away from my machine at the mo but it\'s definitely that little checkbox which does it. One way or the other.

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