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Topic: Sound and Sample Design III

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    Sound and Sample Design III

    Hello. I have been successful creating a endlessly sustaining note, by creating looping points in the sample using CoolEdit and in SampleWrench. These loop points were recognized by Gigasampler and playback sustained as long as I held the note. Interestingly, Gigasampler did not recognize looping points I made in Goldwave. Goldwave calls these Cue points.

    Now I have another question. Using a sample with loop points I made in CoolEdit, I created a new instrument in GSEditor; one sample mapped across 5 octaves. The lower 4 octaves play perfect chromatic notes. However, the highest octave plays only one note, regardless of which key I play. Can anyone explain this behavior? Thanks. jmp

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    Re: Sound and Sample Design III

    I think you\'ve probably reached the limit to which Giga can transpose the sample. Most samplers are like that. Two-Four octaves transposing above the original sample pitch is the best you usually get.

    Maybe you need to take a second sample to cover the top end.

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