Hello there fellow community.

Back in the days, videogame music depended on musical basics called Melody, Harmony and Rhythm.
So since the technical range was very limited, still grand composers managed to create beloved classics.
This was most often the Midi format, which is not unlike Orchestrated music depending on just that.

I'm composing original music in the spirit of Doom (1993), which is not quiet a source of orchestrated music, rather influenced by Metal, Rock, Blues and sometimes even orchestrated Ambient background music.

In the end, the music has it's own character and I don't initially perceive it as strict Metal or Rock, but rather an unique style which consists of a broader range than a lot fellow game fans remix as purely Metal music.

The first most rule for this project is; It seamlessly blends with the original music while being original compositions. Conceiving it as a new look on old things.

I just minded posting it because 95% of all instruments used are Garritan Personal Orchestra 4. There is an additional Drumkit (freely available) and occasionally an accoustic Guitar or something else. The rest is all GPO4.

This is an on-going process and I'm looking for feedback for individual tracks and reaching a broader audience. You can follow it at will. Since I'm not a professional learned composer, you'll probably notice a lot of crimes towards authentic classical music.

You can visit the project on Soundcloud
Soundcloud Link

Happy composing.