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Topic: GS + CUBASE setuptrouble

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    GS + CUBASE setuptrouble

    I\'m running cubase 5r3, sw1000xg and are trying to get gigastudio 2.0 to fit in my system.
    After Installation this is what happend to Cubase (whether or not i have GS turned on):
    - I get some errors
    \"Device could not be opened. Maybe card
    is already allocated by another user or
    this device does not support full duplex
    \"SW/DS wavedriver is allready allocated
    by another application or driver\"

    - in audio-system I don\'t get to select my
    asio sw+ds 32 driver, only asio
    multimedia with 550 ms latency...

    It seems like Gigastudio takes full control over the driver...what should I do?
    Any suggestions on how to set up my system?

    All help would be appreciated!!


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    Re: GS + CUBASE setuptrouble


    Kevin Phelan from Nemesys posted this on the Yahoo Nemesys newsgroup. Thought it may have some application to your plight:

    Hello Dave,

    It appears that Logic and Gigastudio are both fighting over the Mixtreme\'s 16
    audio channels. This will happen even when
    Gigastudio isn\'t actually running.


    Gigastudio allows you to enable or disable each individual audio channel on the
    Mixtreme card.

    Logic allows you to specify the *maximum number* of channels you would like to enable on the card.

    So take the following steps:

    1) Run Gigastudio. On the Settings->Hardware/Routing page disable all audio
    output channels. Enable channels 15 and 16.

    2) While Gigastudio is running, start Logic Audio. In the second Audio Drivers settings page, under ASIO choose \"Max I/O streams\"
    of 14 IN and 14 OUT. Then enable ASIO and relaunch Logic.

    Assuming both programs exit correctly and save their settings, it should now be
    possible to start either program or both at the same time without crashes.


    * This assumes that the user wants to reserve 14 channels for Logic Audio and 2
    channels for Giga. Of course you can change
    this. Just remember that Logic takes over a range of channels from 1 up to the max you specify. Logic ignores channels above
    this max. You can assign these extra channels to Giga or to another app.

    * Gigastudio 2.01.36 is a necessary update for this setup to work, because previous versions of Gigastudio wouldn\'t let you change the sample depth from 24 bits to 16 bits. Plus some problems with Logic
    integration have been addressed.

    Nemesys Tech Support

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    Re: GS + CUBASE setuptrouble

    Make sure you set Giga up to output on 3/4. Cubase always defaults to using 1/2.

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