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Topic: Sound and Sample Design

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    Sound and Sample Design

    Hello. I have some short (approx. 2 sec) synthesizer samples that I want to be able to sustain. I understand that hardware samplers are able to loop a portion of the sample in order to prolong the sustain time. While memory is not a problem with Gigasampler, in my case it is the samples themselves that are the limitation.

    Is there a way to instruct Gigasampler to loop a segment of a sample? I don\'t know how to do this in Gigasampler, or if it is supported in Gigasampler, and I\'ve never used a hardware sampler.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Sound and Sample Design

    You could do this in a blind sort of way in the Giga editor by changing the sample properties (right click on the imported sample) and mark the looping checkbox. However, if you get glitch-free loops it would be sheer luck as Giga\'s editor is not designed to be a wave editing tool. The right way to do this is to use a wave editor such as Sound Forge or one of several others available. These have real looping tools that will allow you to find smooth loop points. - Doug

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    Re: Sound and Sample Design

    Isn\'t SampleWrenchXE (though, perhaps not as good as other editors) designed to loop WAVs? The how-to\'s are in the help files.

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