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Topic: Loading Miroslav performances

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    Loading Miroslav performances

    I\'ve just upgraded from GS LE to Gst 96.

    I\'m trying to load the performances from the Miroslav mini library. But loading them from the File menu, double-clicking them, or dragging them to channel 1 only seems to load one instrument on channel 1.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do either of the patches address this? Are these .prfs not compatible with Gigastudio?

    I created a few of my own .prfs in Gigasampler LE that load just fine in Gigastudio. Everything else seems to be working OK.

    Win98 SE, Gina 20, SB Live, 256 mbs RAM, Cakewalk 9.02 and Sonar

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    Re: Loading Miroslav performances


    I don\'t know the mini library, but are you sure they\'re performances you\'re loading and not .gigs or instruments? Those will only load on a per channel basis.

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    Re: Loading Miroslav performances

    Yes, they\'re definitely performances (.prf, the older Gigasampler extension).

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    Re: Loading Miroslav performances

    Just a thought..do older .prf\'s need converting to version 2 (like some .gigs )?

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    Re: Loading Miroslav performances

    Doin\' a lot of thinkin\' today...how about changing the extention to .gsp (you never know

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    Re: Loading Miroslav performances

    In Gstudio96:

    file type as *.prf
    double click

    This will load the perfomance file. Gstudio96
    will save as *.gsp when applying NFX, ETC.

    A performance file is 1 channel, two ports
    with all the pan placement etc already done.

    Too bad all samples are mono

    Not worth $350.00 oh well, live and learn right?

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    Re: Loading Miroslav performances

    So what\'s wrong with the Miroslav mini library? Pros and cons anyone?

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