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Topic: MSGSRV32 Crash -> Disable FindFast

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    MSGSRV32 Crash -> Disable FindFast

    I\'ve got another solution to MSGSRV32 crash mistery. I\'ve disabled FindFast (the catalog engine for MS Office), and MSGSRV32 crash went away... dunno how, but true.

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    Re: MSGSRV32 Crash -> Disable FindFast

    I don\'t think that is my problem. I disabled FindFast years ago. I still have a MSGSRV32 error on start up on a regular basis. I suspect that your problem may return.

    I have reinstalled GStudio, reinstalled 98SE, reloaded Gina drivers, tuned uo the registry with OnTrack. Nothing helps permanently. Eventually, the start up error returns. It may take 4 warm reboots or one or two cold restarts to finally get an errorfree windows start up.

    I just live with it. It stinks.


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    Re: MSGSRV32 Crash -> Disable FindFast

    clueless, you\'re right... I\'m back in the msgsrv32 errors again. Man, my machine was rock solid for a couple days... I was rebooting left and right with no problem. Now, I can\'t get giga to run at all... I\'ve been rebooting it forever. Strange.

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    Re: MSGSRV32 Crash -> Disable FindFast

    Okay, I\'m back up and running with gigastudio again - no msgsrv32 errors. What I did was to populate all the MIDI In pulldown with something. In my case with my primary MIDI In. Don\'t know if this is actually the act that fixed the problem. Looking at the things that I did in the past to fix this problem, seems pretty random.

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    Re: MSGSRV32 Crash -> Disable FindFast

    Please let me know if you action has a more lasting effect. I am also sincerely looking for a solution to the MSGSRV32 error. The Nemesys technical people told me it was because I had my sound card set for DirectX. But I never did have it set that way. Tell me what level of DirectX you are running. My is version 8. I wonder if something in the background or that loads at start up is causing a conflict.


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