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Topic: Uvi

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    Anyone tried this Orchestral Suite from UVI?
    The audio demo's are not too impressive, but some of the strings sound better than GPO.


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    Re: Uvi

    Sounds and looks interesting.
    ADSR controls (plus Vibrato and Tremolo for solo instruments as well) are very useful at scuplting and customizing
    already available playing techniques.
    Woodwinds are a bit weak to me…
    The UVI sample player is for free, I'm not aware if downloaded libraries run in some sort of demo mode.
    My advice is to wait for a deal — usual for UVI products from time to time.
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    Re: Uvi

    I believe there are far better options available for what they are charging. I wouldn't waste your money on a product of such poor quality.
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    Re: Uvi

    I think EW Quantum-Leap Silver/Gold is also one of the few "affordable" full orchestral libraries out there and you can buy them for quite a bit less when EW has a sale going, not just the usual product make down.

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    Re: Uvi

    Yes, I would look at EastWest and try to catch them when they're having a sale.

    If you're just looking to upgrade your strings, then you may want to consider buying a slightly better, dedicated string library.

    Also, you may want to look into Composer Cloud, by EastWest. They just released it to current members, and will be made publicly available on April 23rd. For $30 a month you will have access to any 7 of their libraries, gold version. Yes, this includes their entire Hollywood Orchestra.

    I have their Hollywood Winds, Brass, and Strings, and I am still going to be signing up to have access to the numerous other instruments they have. If you're looking for better quality I would highly recommend giving this a shot, since you're unlikely to beat the price.

    Warning: clicking on these links may result in spontaneous combustion.



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