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Topic: GSEdit question

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    GSEdit question

    Ok, there\'s got to be an easy way to do this (I hope).

    Here\'s what I want to do: take an existing instrument, modify all the samples in some way, and create a new instrument just like the old one, except it uses the modified samples. Easy so far, by replacing all the samples in the old instrument.

    Now the part I can\'t find an easy way to do: I want to combine those two instruments (leaving all layers as they are), using a keyswitch to select between them. If I leave the samples as-is, then there are two same-named copies of each sample, which seems to confuse GS. If I rename them (even leaving the note names the same on the end and telling the editor to \"guess\" the unity note based on that), then the unity notes still get badly messed up.

    I\'ve tried saving an articulation file and a macro from the original instrument and applying either or both to the new instrument, but that doesn\'t work (unity note problems, regions not preserved, etc.).

    I know it\'s possible to do this sample-by-sample, but that prospect doesn\'t appeal to me....

    I must be overlooking something simple - Help!!

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    Re: GSEdit question

    does this work?
    Edit them as two different gigs, (seperate named folders for your samples)
    Merge them into one,select both instruments (ctrl+clk) right click to combine instruments,then use the wizard to select yuor keyswitch(keyboard)??

    I\'m just guessing because i dont have accses to giga at the moment...but i\'ll have a mess about later

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    Re: GSEdit question

    I did something pretty much like what you described, and I ended up with the result I wanted - but I had to fix all the unity notes on one of the instruments by hand. They were all off by a minor third !? I tried it several times and got the same result each time. Weird, huh?

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    Re: GSEdit question

    Pretty much the same thing happening here..

    The more i use \'the editor\' the more it annoys me..lets hope the 2.2 update is better (is it out of beta yet?)

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