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Topic: So...Does Halion stream from hard disk???

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    So...Does Halion stream from hard disk???

    I just came across this interview with a techno producer who\'s used Steinberg\'s Halion sampler.

    Although it\'s not mentioned on the Halion front page under facts, in the interview the producer specifically says:

    \"Besides that there is no limit in terms of the sample size. The samples can be streamed directly from hard disk and are not loaded resident into RAM which means that you are not limited to your RAM size.\"

    I\'m just wondering what the situation is.

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    Re: So...Does Halion stream from hard disk???

    I believe it does stream from disk...
    Personally, I believe the true investment for us all are in the sample libraries. Whether gigasampler, HALion or any other emerging sampler become \'the best\' shouldn\'t worry us. I think it\'s good for Nemesys to have some competition. The thing to bear in mind is that our samples will ALWAYS cost a lot more than the software to run them. YOu can rely on cross-sample library writers to always support convesion from one formet to another, so we should be safe. I say bring \'em on. Let\'s see what the added competition can produce in the various companies.

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