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Topic: stop/start audio playback problem

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    stop/start audio playback problem

    I have just bought a Maxtor 7200 RPM HD (Ultra ATA 100 with Average Seek Time 8.7MS and Buffer size 2MB) to store my gigs and combat the stop/sart audio problems I had using my main drive. BUT the problems remain. Have I bought the wrong drive? Could someone point me in the right direction so that my music doesn\'t sound as though it has the hiccups?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: stop/start audio playback problem


    What does it mean \"stop/start audio problem\"?


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    Re: stop/start audio playback problem

    I have heard from some techies that some ATA100 drives do not talk seamlessly to ATA66 interfaces.

    How do you have this connected up to the motherboard? My experience indicates that it *MUST* be wired directly to the motherboard\'s main IDE controller (i.e. IDE0 or IDE1), and that it is best to avoid using it via a plug-in IDE card or via the added (e.g. promise) controllers built onto some motherboards - these can add like 20ms to the access time, which will cause stuttering when going above about 30 voices.

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    Re: stop/start audio playback problem

    I\'m happy to say that I have fixed the problem. I had to check \"DMA\" in the properties box for the 2nd drive. As simple as that. Evrerything is running smoothly now (fingers crossed, touch wood etc.).

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