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Topic: Kontakt memory limit

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    Kontakt memory limit

    Does anyone know what the memory limit in Kontakt is?
    For example, Giga stops at 1GB in win XP. What\'s the corresonding Kontakt figure?
    I\'m trying to chose between building another computer, or just getting more memory and Kontakt. Right now I only have GigaStudio.

    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: Kontakt memory limit

    I belive the limits is in your OS.Right now XP will only address 2 GB of Ram. I`ve heard of composers loading up 1.5GB in Kontakt,and with the proper tweeks u can do the same with GS160. Always put 2 GB of fast Ram on your comp. Big diff...Rich

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    Re: Kontakt memory limit

    Thanks Rich,
    Actually on Giga160 there seems to be a 1GB limit, according to some posts I\'ve read of people who have tried to increase from 1GB and failed. They add more memory but it doesn\'t make a difference. Perhaps some trick will do it.


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    Re: Kontakt memory limit

    I am only running 1 gig of RAM for my computer with Giga. When I added more RAM, things seemed to slow down. I am running windows 2000.

    I think with Kontakt, it is possible for your computer to use the extra RAM due to the software\'s design.

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