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Topic: Omnisphere 2.0..Anticipation!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Omnisphere 2.0..Anticipation!!!!!

    Just trying to open up a thread to discuss all of the anticipation that so many are feeling around the release of Omnishephere 2.0..Its been a number of years since Spectrasonics released a new PAID product!

    It's about time that Eric "GOT SOMETHING" (monetarily Compensating) for all of his ceaseless dedication to the work they do at Spectrasonics developing their products,....

    Unlike some other content producers of samples and other VSTi's,.... Spectrasonics shattered the glass ceiling, and raised the bar when they released a whole sea of free educational video tutorials that allowed ALL their clients to actually USE their instruments, by giving them the opportunity to learn and master them. So as far as Eric and his company's instruments go, its hard to find any lack of dedication to their instruments or commitment to their usability insofar as their customers are concerned .

    I remember just about flipping when they first started releasing all of their instructional videos. I said to myself, "who does this?" ...well until Eric decided to do it, NO-ONE!.......as it requires passion & dedication to your product, not "just" a profit motive. Of course, many of can reminisce about the days when this was simply the way America used to make just about everything before about the mid 1970's. But by the early 1980's, the entire paradigm that defined "what made a company successful" seems to have shifted from "quality and ingenuity" , to " the next quarter's bottom line" and "shareholder expectations"

    Top notch products designed to be "the best", simply became a "concept" that companies tried to wrap themselves in the flag of, when advertising or selling their products. But true quality and ingenuity suffered immeasurably in order to accomadate a fatter botttom line each quarter,......but almost invariably at the expense of quality , service, and ingenuity. That of course, was the beginning of the "Tsunami of offshoring" of manufacturing and customer service,........ a practice which has ripped this country and its middle class apart ever since, not to mention the commmitment to product ingenuity and aggressive development.

    Yet this concept is not lost on Eric and Spectrasonics. And it clearly shows! Another simple example of what happens when an America Company decides to dedicate itself to being "the best" is Apple of course. Many of you may not be aware of this fact or may have simply forgotten about it, but in the late 1990's, Apple was on the absolute verge of complete bankruptcy. most everybody agreed, especially we musicians...as Apple was still most all we had...... that it was all but hopelesly over. It looked like it was curtains for them, but for us too as Windows Music Software was still in its infancy andd Aoole was still WAY ahead of them.(Thank God for that change!)....But, with the right people being brought back into the fold, calling the shots as to "what flies", and "what dies", Apple pn just 15 uears gone from being lost and broke to being the single richest company in the world with a net CASH Value that is now twice that of Exxon Mobile and who, if they had their own economy, would have an economy that is right up there with Saudi Arabia!...... Wow huh?.... but true!
    So likewise, other such products made with pride and ingenuity in the USA,.... with the right "ideological paradigm",...... like Spectrasonics, just seem to blow everyone else away when it comes to quality, service and ingenuity....... I really admire that in Eric, and am in awe as to how,.... no matter what the size of the company, if you are willing to do the job....., especially these days in the XXX-Mart economy that we've gotten ourselves into,,,,It's nice to know that Markwr dominance and Superiority can still be achieved in the United States, despitenthe endlrss set of crappy Trade Agreeements that Congress Dumps on the U.S economy and its own people......money in politics.....Basicallly visa vis' Lobbing and lega( for them) insider trading. Ugh!!! We'll save that for s fiffernt forum!!!!,,,,, But, its a comforting thought know it's srill possible here. I mean look at Elan Musk!........ Ya know he's gotta own all three Spectrasonics instruments....because they are so cool!!!!.... even if he dowsn't play!!!

    After all Spectrasonics' video tutorials were, to me, one of theit strongest selling points because it meant the end of was a constellation of endless reading that I just can't do,......and of poorly written manuals and infinite guesswork! Who;d they hirento write all those damn things anyway?!?!?!.

    Cuz the videos showed clear as day how something worked and how to was useful in the context of the instrument itself in real time allowing you to create instead of trying to prove you make it in thr electronics field (as all our family members so often said we should do, instead of trying to be some "crappy musicianan' writing all that "depressing music" and playing atound with all those "useless Gadgets and Gizmos!") anyone else ever anything along those lines?

    Nonetheless, with Spectrasonics' commitment to their customer's needs and satisfaction by giving them the tools to master pretty much any given feature, they changed my whole perspeective on what I choose in DAW's and VSTi's..... Every one else in the herd is either too uninspired by their own creation, too lazy, or just wants to rape their clientele by asking for a blithering fortune to get their videos,.... which seem to more often than not, assume you are a;ready totally faniliar with certain areas of the softwaare or instrument,.... which nay be the very areas you just haven't been able to get your arms around yet insofar as utilizing any given feature, and understanding the logic as to how its fits into the instrunent as a whole. To me, i don'r experiencee Spectrasonics' videos rhar way. Eric seems to see tlo it that they've covered most all of the instruments' most fundamental , as well as most powerful aspects of the instrument from "beginning" to end..... I love that fact!!!!!!

    Additionally, after Spectrasonics releases either an instrument or a new major update (like 1.5), they seem to continually release small, but important patches in a timely fashion, not to mention the continual stream of new and inspirational patches,.... other subtle feature updates,.... and REAL bug fixes!

    I don't know, but it always seemed to me that what makes this group of people that Eric's got working with him different, is that when they actually release something, it actually WORKS ..... as described, and pretty solidly on most every DAW, noy yo mention,,, on both Platforms........and with few if any notable glitches (that aren't user specific, or "user system' induced).
    Additionally, they've actually taken the time to develop their own sound engines (STEAM & SAGE) making them completely free and independant of any parameters or limitations that might otherwise completely make it impossible for them to develop some really cool features, and frees them up to devvelop the one's that are most requested by us High Chair Tyrants without overcoming someone else's impossible hurdles!!!...We just make them overcome their own (still impossible) hurdles!!!!!! hah!,....

    """""Sheesh,.... what do these guys want from us anyway?!?!"""""

    Oh, not much,....just evrything!!!!! Hah!!.....Not funny, right"

    .. And that doesn't even begin to consider all of the endless R&D that seems to have gone into the upcoming release of Omnisphere 2.0!

    So, when those who do complain about the price of the update being $199 (ot $99 for those who own all three instruments), it feels a little bit disingenouos as to anyone's true loyalty to Spectrasonics when the "less patient of us" snipe at Eric or Spectrasonics for not having been quicker, and having taken "too muxh time" to put out something new, or a major revisionary update.

    I can only speak for myself, but personally, I have never seen any other company,.... in the entire industry as dedicated to the "quality of instruments"yhat they put out,...( especially insofar as rock solidness goes), and has additionally dedicated itself to orchestrating full fledge video tutorialsand for the sole benefit of their clientele,..... amd just in order to see (after the purchase).... that their customers can actually use the instruments that the've bought.

    In short,.....or not, theirs alot to be grateful for in Spectrasonics painsyaking M.O.....and excited too!

    There appear to be some juicy changes icoming insofar as ease of worlflow and capability go....... not mention another ....how many new sounds?

    So here's to Eric, Spectrasonics and Omnsiphere 2.0!

    I am sure that ther are other things in the pipeline that are equally as exciting..... but the cake isn't done baking until its done baking! When its done,...... it will be released,..... and in awfully solid condition as well!

    So although like everyone else,.....I like everything to happen yesterday,..... I am always willing to wait for Spectrasonics' stuff, as I know it will be remarkable! I hope I am noot alone in this sentiment!

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    Re: Omnisphere 2.0..Anticipation!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing and Powerful New Granular Synthesis algorithm this is what I know about Omnisphere.
    Thanks a lot btw.

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    Thumbs up Re: Omnisphere 2.0..Anticipation!!!!!

    Come on guys chime in!!! )

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