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Topic: Changing key switch assignments

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    Changing key switch assignments

    Can anyone tell me how to change the keys used for key switching without having to reassign all the samples, etc.

    My problem is I don\'t have an 88 key controller and need to move the key switch notes up so I can get them on the keyboard.

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    Re: Changing key switch assignments

    The simplest way would be to transpose the keyboard output down when you\'re doing keyswitched parts. (either using the keyboard\'s controls or your sequencer transpose)

    Does your controller have a keyboard split function? Maybe you could shift only the bottom octave, leaving the rest in the right range.

    It\'s also possible to go into GSedit and move the whole instrument up an octave by selecting all the regions and dimensions and dragging them to the right. They\'ll go as far as the highest region allows (you may have to drop the top note of the top region down so that you have room to move up)

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    Re: Changing key switch assignments

    Thanks for the options Chadwick.
    I\'ll give \'em a try when I get to the studio.

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