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Topic: Delta Series: WDM Drivers

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    Delta Series: WDM Drivers

    I really want to upgrade to Sonar but I just don\'t know how giga will respond. I am extremely dependent on Giga for sounds. The way I read the notes in the driver section at M-Audio\'s website is that windows 98SE has drivers for WDM but you will only get one pair of stereo ins and outs for MME programs.
    One pair of stereo outputs is fine with me for Giga because that is all I ever use anyway. My question is does this mean that all other outputs of my sound card will utilize low latency WDM drivers for Sonar DXi plugins etc? I want to be able to run Giga and Sonar on one PC but with optimal performance of both programs. Peace.

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    Re: Delta Series: WDM Drivers

    Nemesys does have a WDM version of GSIF which will give you all the channels and this is built into v2.2 of GigaStudio (now downloadable to registered customers), but M-Audio haven\'t implemented the WDM GSIF yet into the Delta drivers. Ego Sys is the first company to do it, but WDM is a far less tested solution than the traditional audio drivers for Windows. WDM still has many problems, such as the legacy compatibility and slower performance that you mention.
    For Sonar and GigaStudio, you are much better off sticking with the original drivers and let the \"crash dummies\" sort out the bleeding edge with WDM drivers.

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    Re: Delta Series: WDM Drivers

    Thanks for the reply Wazoo. I think that I am just going to build another PC for Sonar and Windows 2000. Since my current computer is running flawlessly with Gigasampler and windows 98, I don\'t want to disturb it. My new computer will be Athlon based. I have heard that the 760 chipset in the Asus A7M266 Motherboard is very good for audio. I am going to go with the 1.33 ghz with 256 megs of DDRAM to start and will probably add another 256 later. I hear that there will be dual Athlon boards released by Tyan next month but they will require 450 watt power supply and will have some sort of special 8th pin or something to that effect. I think that they are developed for the new Palomino processors that are scheduled to be released soon. I believe that a 1.33 GHz Athlon with 512 Megs of DDRAM should be sufficient to satisfy all of my needs however. Peace.

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    Re: Delta Series: WDM Drivers

    For political reasons, the Asus A7M 266 motherboard has been discontinued in favor of the slower and problematic A7A 266. Peace

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