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Topic: Neil Young’s Pono Player Vs iPhone Using a Double Blind Test

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    Neil Young’s Pono Player Vs iPhone Using a Double Blind Test

    Here's a YouTube video with a David Pogue doing a double blind test with the $400 Pono player using a song from Pono store which sells for about twice what the average downloaded song sells for with 24-bit 192khz audio quality and the same song from the iTunes store played on an iPhone.

    FYI any better quality smart phone and the same song from, say Amazon, could be substituted instead of the iPhone & iTunes combo for this test with similar results.

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    Re: Neil Young’s Pono Player Vs iPhone Using a Double Blind Test

    Interesting.... I am not really surprised, though.

    Back when the publicity for PONO first came out, I was left with the feeling that if there really was a quantifiable difference, it would be similar to the difference between an MP3 and an uncompressed .wav file.. and not worth the price of admission, even at that.

    There are just so many factors in our modern listening environments. My father had a room specially set up, with speakers just so in the front and more speakers just so in the rear, and his favorite chair carefully placed in the stereo signal's sweet spot. The rest of us had to settle for second best. But that was then, and perhaps in that kind of situation, someone with good listening skills would benefit from a PONO.

    But we listen while walking, talking, texting, doing homework, using the computer, crossing the street, riding in a car, bus or railroad, etc, etc. Not many of us sit in darkened rooms listening to our tunes any more. Few if any of us would hear any difference at all, and it may even sound "worse" to some because the hyper-real sound it advertises would be unexpected.

    My money is staying in my pocket. I'll test one given the chance, but buy one? Nope.

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