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Topic: LAG

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    Alright this is driving me nuts!!!

    I am using LAG 4.7. And for the life of me I cannot figure out how to cable LAG to record audio tracks with GS. Have no difficulty playing back midi tracks and can even watch sysex sends in the track mixer when trying to record but alas no audio, I am using Aardvarks LX6 and have my K2000 hooked to the midi ports on the box. Can record the K2000 with no problem, Just can\'t get any audio from GS

    This is really pissin\' me off

    Any help would be deeply appreciated!



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    [This message has been edited by midirat1255 (edited 05-07-2001).]

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    Re: LAG

    I have the same problem (can\'t record output of giga-LAP )
    the only workaround i know (apart from using 2 souncards or a seperate puter for giga) it to use giga\'s audio capture,then import into LAP as you would normal audio (it does mean having to mute/solo the seperate trks though )

    Hope this helps

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