I tried loading the bundled VSL repetition demo instruments into GS3, but they do not appear to function correctly. I have used VSL repetition instruments with the VSL tool in GS2.54 before, so I think I know how they should sound. Everytime you press a note it should advance to the next note in the repetition phrase until you get to the end of the phrase and it starts again. With the bundled GS3 repetition electric guitar and horn instruments, it seems to repeat the same note instead of advancing, and then it skips over some of the notes and never reaches the end of the phrase before starting over again.

The strange thing is that there is no mention of the repetition mode in the manual or help files, so I have nothing to work on to do trouble shooting. Was the repetition mode added on at the last minute, I wonder (and therefore did not make into the manuals)?

The legato mode instruments for GS3, on the other hand, work just like they did with the VSL tool. No problems here, when playing legato instruments from an external MIDI keyboard. I have even been able to create an iMIDI legato mode instrument using the GS3 instrument editor. This behaves exactly like the original VSL file on which it was based (but no longer requires the VSL tool).

The iMIDI alternation mode instruments also seem to be OK.