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Topic: Cospiracy of Silence ?

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    Cospiracy of Silence ?

    \"NemeSys has decided to release v2.2 of
    GigaStudio as a public beta today - 4/27/2001. Registered customers can
    get a free copy from our web site: http://www.nemesysmusic.com/products/versions.html

    \"v2.2 of GigaStudio had originally been scheduled for release today, but due
    to a last minute minor fix, we have decided to hold off the release until
    Monday - allowing one more weekend of testing.\"

    After those announcements, nobody seems to be willing to ask or speak about the new version. Why?

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    Re: Cospiracy of Silence ?

    I\'ve noticed higher CPU usage in my meter on version 2.2 when just playing a sound in Giga (VR rhodes) without the sequencer opened. It shoots up to about 28 percent and just rises the more notes I play. I decided to download the last version 2.01.36 and my CPU stays at about 12 to 18 percent when playing the same sound.
    Has anybody else noticed this or is my computer geeking out again?

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    Re: Cospiracy of Silence ?

    I still haven\'t seen the finished product on their site yet. What happened to Monday?

    I\'ve been using the beta version with no problems. My CPU usage has actually been a little lower than with 2.01.036.

    I\'m finally getting 96 voices in GigaStudio 96. I never had more that 70 voices before. They finally fixed the bug where instrument numbers would get all screwed up if you removed one and then loaded others in. The program has yet to crash in a week\'s time.

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    Re: Cospiracy of Silence ?

    Hi guys,

    I downloaded the Beta patch for Gigastudio160 v.2.20.033 and applied the patch in windows 98. We were able to successfully sample into Logic Audio Platinum v4.7.0 without recourse to the PrcView work around, or Neno GSFix. One troubling aspect is that the file nfx4.dll failed to load according to the diagnostics tab but this would be a bug that Nemesys has to work out. We were however able to run the other nfx1.dll, nfx2.dll, nfx3.dll without hiccups into the LAWP 4.7.0 sequencer without any obvious breakdowns, though we haven\'t played around with it long enough.



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    Re: Cospiracy of Silence ?

    Odd enough. On the same day (May 5th)from two different I.P. the latest downloadable upgrade to Gigastudio appears either as v. 2.01.36 or v. 2.20. Also the forum itself is updated respectively to April 20th or May 5th. Any explaination ?

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    Re: Cospiracy of Silence ?

    I decided to download the new version again and now my CPU meter is actually lower then it ever was! I don\'t know what the problem was before but now Giga 2.02 works great and the new volume controller adds much more throw for swells and decays for strings and stuff.

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    Re: Cospiracy of Silence ?

    In appreciation of Nemesys.

    1) propagation of vibrato/tremolo to all instruments bug has been corrected
    2) midi controlled envelope is a major step forward.

    It looks like a good job.


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