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Topic: Patients

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    Wrote it for a local trio of flute,violin and piano, performing as volunteers in hospitals, old-folks homes etc.
    Imagining patients telling each other their stories...



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    Re: Patients

    Hey Ted. This is a nice tranquil piece. I like the sound of the flute and violin. Jay

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    Re: Patients

    Hi Ted,

    Glad I hear som more of your music. As usual, it tells a story, it shows a feel, real emotion with simple tools. A wonderful combination of the violin and the flute (which sound really well together).
    Pardon me for giving a little advice. Could you widen the space (acoustic) a bit more? It would give a more spacial ambience. Now it seems to be recorded in a small reflective room (and the reverb tail is cut off with the last note).

    Let me say that I enjoyed this little piece as most of your delightful creations. You are a true musician and that shows in every note you write!

    I'm working on an other Czech (or Slovakian) piece (Bude Večer) for choir and orchestra. I will post it when it is finished.


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    Re: Patients

    I'm sure this nice gentle piece will give comfort to those folks as it did for me.

    Music can heal the soul.


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    Re: Patients

    Very nice piece of music, Ted!

    I did enjoy listening to this recording. Very inspiring and calming!

    Many regards,

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