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Topic: Problem playing samples

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    Problem playing samples

    I have gigastudio 160 running with cakewalk 9 on a SBLive Platinum. These three products seem to work fine without any conflict, which seems to be opposite of the general concensus. Nonetheless, I do have a small problem... I would like my samples to be spread out over a range of keys, so that I can play, say a bass note. I have had the program for only one day, but can not find any mention of doing this. Another thing is, How do I assign effects to just one channel? They seem to be effecting everything coming out of GSt. Thank you.

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    Re: Problem playing samples

    Hey Rush,

    I\'m not too sure about your fx problem, maybe it has to do with a non gsif soundcard, but think I can help with stretching samples to cover more than one note.

    You do this by starting the GSeditor - a separate programme available from within Gigastudio - and loading the sound into it.

    It\'s available from the menu bar at the top of the page, or if you already have the sound loaded into a midi channel, the easiest way to do edit is to click on the little green arrow in its channel slot and choose edit. This loads the editor (if it isn\'t already) and then loads that sound into it.

    You can use the help files and context sensitive help to get around this, but basically you can see a keyboard in the centre of the screen with one or more yellow areas below it. These are regions. Regions can hold one or many samples in different types of layers, which can be dealt with in various methods called dimensions (velocity switch, mod wheel switch, crossfade etc.,).

    You need to locate the region which contains the sample you like. The little midi light to the right of the keyboard will highlight and select a region every time you play its associated key - this is an easy place to start.

    Once the region is found, you need to stretch its upper and low limits. This is easy. If there are no adjacent regions, you should be able to hover the mouse over the right or left side of the yellow region\'s edge and see the cursor change from an object select to a pane drag style icon. If this doesn\'t happen, it\'s probably because you\'re zoomed out too far and the region graphic is too small - just click on the +/- buttons to the left of the keyboard graphic to get a good view. Once you have the pane drag style cursor, just drag the region edge as far as you need it to go.

    Because of the way that the editor is \'integrated\' into Gigastudio, you won\'t hear major changes to the instrument until you tell the editor to overwrite the original file. You do this by selecting the download arrow at the top of the page. You can also save as and reload that sound if you want the original to remain. If you still don\'t hear a change, check that you are playing midi on the same channel as the editor\'s sound.

    If there are sounds adjacent to the one who\'s key range you wish to expand, you\'ll need to make space, either by shifting the adjacent regions further away, or by perhaps copying the region(s) you like and pasting them into a new gig, then stretching the boundaries.

    Hope this helps.

    PS If the sound was originally set NOT to track the pitch of the keyboard, you\'ll end up with a longer region which is all one pitch. To change this you can go to a couple of places. One is the region\'s case properties wher you click on the sample (I think) tab and check the \'pitch track\' option. Another caveat here is that because you can have 32 samples sitting within one region, Nemesys have provided a way to get at an individual sample or even several regions with their \'Apply\' options - usually in the bottom left of each case properties tab. Once you\'ve made a change in a case properties box, make sure you select the right rules so that you \'apply\' that change to all the samples/layers/regions you want to.

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