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Topic: Rain Walk - string quartet

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    Rain Walk - string quartet

    This uses gofriller, stradivari and gpo strings. Please give it a listen. Thanks, Jay.


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    Re: Rain Walk - string quartet

    I like how you've managed to capture a nearly baroque/early classical sound with this piece. It's quite relaxing! The "room noise" you've added is also a nice touch.

    I think you could probably improve the strings some, as the dynamics as a whole felt very flat which took away a lot of realism. In particular the string attacks often come in too strong and consistently the same, giving it almost a midi organ sound. I think if you spent some time smoothing the attacks out, and perhaps making the violins a little softer as a whole it would go a long way into improving the rendering of the piece.

    Thanks for posting!
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    Re: Rain Walk - string quartet

    Michael. Thanks for the listen and comments. I do appreciate the comments about the rendering. That is very useful.

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    Re: Rain Walk - string quartet

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your marvellous piece. I really enjoyed its freshness and optimism. But I do agree with Michael. The violins have a way too strong attack and an overruling dynamic. The quartet should gain a lot of expression by using a lower velocity and a more varied dynamic in the thematic lines (with some contrast if possible). The piece could do better with some softening EQ and depth as well to eliminate the aggressiveness of the violins. You've used the Gofriller cello, but it's almost buried under the power of the violins. (Some transitions sound too much overlapped, resulting in some sort of hiccup.)

    But as mentioned, it is a lovely piece, joyful and relaxing.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: Rain Walk - string quartet

    Let me side with Max, both his liking the piece and his suggestions. Hope to hear this again if you do accept the suggestions.
    Thanks for sharing.


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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Re: Rain Walk - string quartet

    Hello Jay,

    I have the same feelings about you nice early classical style piece. You're expressing good musical ideas but it just needs some massaging to smooth things out a little to make it a more enjoyable listen.


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    Re: Rain Walk - string quartet

    Thanks for the listen Max, fastlane and Ted. There is a common response from all of you. I definitely should have spent more time on the final sound. I do hear what you are talking about. When I get time I plan to rework the piece. I appreciate your input. Jay

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