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Topic: Windows error message

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    Windows error message


    Anyone ever have this problem? When loading certain sounds I get the following error message: \"Msg32 has caused an error in WSTRM.32.DLL. Msg32 will now close.\" This freezes my entire system. I\'m running Windows ME. Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Re: Windows error message

    Probably a sound that Gigastudio (or other converters) has not been able to convert properly... ¤f it is the same sound causing the same problem all the time, that is it.

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    Re: Windows error message

    Hi Simon,

    It\'s a good theory but the sound is from the Dan Dean Giga Bass Collection. I guess this means it\'s a darker and deadly problem than a conversion error. Further input appreciated.


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    Re: Windows error message

    It is a problem I have had ever since owning Gigastudio. Luckily it doesn\'t happen all the time. Usually it happens when I just want to listen to sounds in Giga without opening up the sequencer. I get the MSG32 crash when \'unloading\' a sound.
    In the latest version update, the release text said that they fixed a bug relating to MSG32 crashes, something to do with looped samples. I have noticed my CPU usage a little higher in the newer version update though when just playing a sound on Giga doing fast licks and stuff like that. Who knows though, it might have done this in the last version and I just never noticed. It usually gets up to about 28 percent CPU just playing one sound.

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