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Topic: thanks again Chadwick

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    thanks again Chadwick

    44, holy sh**. You know, I have an idea it\'s us \'around the blockers\' using this stuff. Great for production though. Amazing. I sold my studio stuff that filled half a room to a computer and keyboard. Mind you, I really miss my mixer board, hands on. In fact, cakewalk 9 console is really pissing me off. It\'s the only unstable facit of my studio right now. The levels on the mains go for a **** once in a while. Same thing happens with my partner. We\'re considering Platinum Gold, but with Sonar coming out...who knows. What\'s your main mixing software Chadwick. Have you ever used the chat line on this user group. It would be kind of fun some time to chat with you. In fact, when has it never been great to talk to other musicians right. Ever been to Toronto? Great music. Anyway, thanks for your help. Write back when you\'ve got the chance. Just say, minnow, it\'s me! Minnow, ever heard of Minni Minnowso - great ball player, but shows my age. Imaginative handle right, right!

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    Re: thanks again Chadwick

    Hey Minnow,

    The only thing about being an \'around the blocker\' is that it\'s pretty boring reinventing the way you work, even if life gets \'better\' in the long run.

    We still mix to a \'real\' desk and recorder, as my partner is much more comfortable with knobs and sliders which are available immediately he needs them.

    Never used the chat page, as I\'m probably up when you guys are crashed.

    I\'ve been to Tijuana - isn\'t that the same as Toronto?

    Australians follow NRL, AFL or Cricket. Baseball hasn\'t had much of a look in over here, so the history\'s even less discussed.

    Good luck with Cakewalk/Sonar. The Cubase/Logic guys definitely need more competition and maybe Sonar is it.

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