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Topic: Midi clock sync?

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    Midi clock sync?

    Hi :
    How do i set up Cubase VST 32 and Gigastudio so GS starts recording in sync with the sequencer?
    I have tried assigning midi clock out to all 4 ports to GS inside Cubase´s Sync window and still no luck.

    SoMA Studios

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    Re: Midi clock sync?

    Hi Siku
    I\'ve got the same problem and it\'s getting me down. If you happen to come by any solutions. Please let me know.
    Best regards

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    Re: Midi clock sync?

    ok, i will.

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    Re: Midi clock sync?

    From Kevin at Nemesys:

    In order to capture with the sync to MIDI option you will need to configure Cubase to send MIDI system realtime messages, namely
    Start, Continue, and Stop commands. Please follow these steps:

    In Cubase:
    Go to options>synchronization
    Under Sync Source:
    choose \"MIDI TimeCode\" for TimeCode base
    choose \"NemeSys MIDI port x\" for output
    choose \"MIDI clock\" for tempo base

    Under Sync out:
    choose \"Nemesys MIDI port x\" for both MIDI Timecode and MIDI clock

    click OK

    In GigaStudio:
    Capture your MIDI file then import to Cubase.

    The audio import in Cubase will import the file to wherever you place the cursor. If your MIDI tracks have a pre-roll, then capture to wave will record the preroll as silence.

    Nemesys Tech Support

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    Re: Midi clock sync?

    Thanks a lot Chadwick

    SoMA Studios

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