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Topic: !!! GS V2.2 DOESN'T NEED GSFIX !!!

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    !!! GS V2.2 DOESN\'T NEED GSFIX !!!

    When GS and a sequencer program run on the same computer,
    go to Settings->General and set Sequencer Priority (7) or experiment.

    Nenad Siskov www.inet.hr/~nsiskov/GSFIX.htm

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    Re: !!! GS V2.2 DOESN\'T NEED GSFIX !!!


    Thanks for the pointer. They kind of snuck it into an existing area on the screen, so I had missed it.


    Melodialworks Music

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    Re: !!! GS V2.2 DOESN\'T NEED GSFIX !!!

    Well, for me v2.2 didn\'t help at all.
    I use Logic Audio with B4 together with gigastudio (+ Pulsar2), and this new function didn\'t have any use for me.
    I tried settings 1, 8 and a couple in between, and everytime I got asio error messages after a couple of seconds at most (after start playing a song from within logic).

    I use a program that you can set the priorety of driver that works in the background. (Can\'t remember the name of it right now...). I only set the Gigastudio priority to normal instead of realtime, and everything works pretty well.
    I noticed that the new function in Gigastudio also did this at some of the settings, but it didn\'t have any noticeable effect - on my pc at least.

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    Re: !!! GS V2.2 DOESN\'T NEED GSFIX !!!

    Stmikkel, You\'re system is the same setup as mine (LAP, Giga, Pulsar 2), and I\'ve been waiting for 2.2 to see if the manual priority setting would let me run without Asio errors. I can\'t run audio at the moment, but my long term plan is to use two PCs. It just hurts to duplicate all that hardware

    Bummer if 2.2 doesn\'t do the job in that area.

    Are you saying that while this other programme you use makes the system work, the 2.2 fix which is supposed to do exactly the same thing doesn\'t work?

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    Re: !!! GS V2.2 DOESN\'T NEED GSFIX !!!

    Chadwick, the program I mention is PrkView.
    Just search for it on the internet, I\'m sure you\'ll find it fairly easy.
    I have enabled the audio engine in Logic Audio, and use the B4 pluginn.
    With PrkView, I set the priority of the gigastudio driver to normal, and then everything works fairly well.
    (I have t-bird 900mhz, and some very fast 10k scsi hds.)
    I only get some occasional stuttering when doing some big arrangements with polyphony over 70 and more.

    For the combination of Gigastudio, B4 and Pulsar is just incredible. I can\'t rave enough about this setup. I feel like I can do anything I want to do.
    I\'ve had my pulsar2 card now for 2-3 months,
    and just got myself a SRB2. For me this is the ultimate soundcard.

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    Re: !!! GS V2.2 DOESN\'T NEED GSFIX !!!

    ...oops, I ment PrcView

    If you can\'t find it, I can mail it to you.

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    Re: !!! GS V2.2 DOESN\'T NEED GSFIX !!!

    Thanks Stmikkel, I think I\'ll install 2.2 and see how it goes first.

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