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Topic: GigaStudio v2.2

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    GigaStudio v2.2

    Dear GigaUsers,

    NemeSys has decided to release v2.2 of
    GigaStudio as a public beta today - 4/27/2001. Registered customers can
    get a free copy from our web site:

    v2.2 of GigaStudio had originally been scheduled for release today, but due
    to a last minute minor fix, we have decided to hold off the release until
    Monday - allowing one more weekend of testing.

    There are too many new features and bug fixes to mention in this
    email - Please download the patch and take a look at the release
    notes for a complete list and description of all the improvements.
    In the next few weeks, we will be updating our web site with some
    technical tutorials on the latest features of v2.2.

    If anyone does have issue with release please send an email to
    gssupport@nemesysmusic.com with the subject title \"GigaStudio v2.2\".

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: GigaStudio v2.2

    I have installed GStudio 2.20.33, and am interested in testing the \"single system performance\" (Customizable sequencer prioirites: Increase the performance of a sequencer running on the same machine as the GigaStudio.)

    However, I can\'t find the settings for this. I tried under settings, but can\'t find it there. Where should I look?


    Melodialworks Music

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