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Topic: GS and GSt(composer's perspective)

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    GS and GSt(composer\'s perspective)

    This question has been asked and answered here, but I really need a musician/composer\'s perspective.
    What features would I have to use to make the upgrade from Gigasampler(FULL) to Gigastudio worth the money. I do effects in post with high-end plugins and outboard boxes, and I rarely do more than a few separate instruments at once, and haven\'t been bothered by the 64voice polyphony limit yet. Is there anything else in Gst that I\'m missing? It\'s almost worth the money to not have to go through the registration hassle every time I flash my hard drive and reinstall my system, though. I understand once you get an auth key in Gst, you don\'t have to do it again if you reinstall.
    Please help. I just dropped a load on a new DAW system entire and am trying to maximize my remaining resources as I upgrade my kit.
    Thanks, Nittacci

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    Re: GS and GSt(composer\'s perspective)

    > go through the registration hassle every time
    > I flash my hard drive and reinstall my system

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘flash’, but have to wonder why it’s something you do very often. Maybe you need a disk image program like Drive Image or Ghost.

    As far as I know, if you have the same HD and CPU, you shouldn’t need a new registration number for any version.

    As to your question, if you do any serious editing or creating of instruments, the improvements in the Editor are worth the upgrade.

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