Larry's Punny Fictionary

By Larry G. Alexander

(Contains some mild adult material.)

Terrain - A choo-choo
Weenie ​(Wee Knee) - A very small leg joint
Defense - De enclosure that keeps de cattle from escaping
Popcorn - Bad jokes as told by Dad
Infantry - Something for babies to climb
Leaf - Go! Get out of here!
Bar Room - The sound of an explosion
Cargo - What your automobile is supposed to do
when you need to go to the grocery store
Election - A Japanese man's state of arousal
Barter - What you spread on your morning toarst
Ice cream - What I do when I pass a kidney stone
Sinbad - A reason why you probably won't make it to heaven
Beaver - A hairy North American animal that's fun to be with
Abate - What we fish with
Thermometer - A device that only your Mother can use
to take your temperature
Textile - Bathroom floor material in the Lone Star state
Anarchy - A really big boaty from biblical times
Sextet - Good times with six body parts
Defender - De part of de car that is damaged
in de "fender bender"
Ballroom - Comfortable men's pants