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Topic: Modulation for legato idea...?

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    Modulation for legato idea...?

    Is it possible to program a Gigastudio patch so that you by using the mod-wheel can change the start play position of a sample, so e.g. with modulation pressed to 100, the sample will start 3000 bytes in? This way maybe you could do better legato playing with strings etc.?

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    Re: Modulation for legato idea...?


    Several people have asked for it though Simon. You should add your voice to the wishlist.

    Modulatable sample start position would be very grooovy.

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    Re: Modulation for legato idea...?

    Cant you just edit the samples in wavelab/soundforge?

    Then again thats a lot of editing (duh)

    sorry if this has been covered before
    (i will check the archives soon..honest )


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    Re: Modulation for legato idea...?

    Ehhm no you can\'t. Unless you want to ALWAYS make your sample start xxxxxxx bytes in. Which is not the case

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    Re: Modulation for legato idea...?

    Before I bought giga studio I had a Emu E64 that had that ability.
    You could adjust the sample start point via any controller [modulation wheel ,velosity a midi slider,whatever] of a sample in real time .
    Which is a nice feature to inhance the expressiveness of your samples.
    It looks like hardware samplers still have the advantage in that area.

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