Since WEEKS I\'m trying to get this #$%! program to work. I have a Pulsar2 on a P2/Asus-P2B/400/SCSI2. GigaStudio160 v2.01.35 doesn\'t want to install at all ! After install and reboot, after confirming config, the program tries to access disk 2 for registration purposes and CAN\'T FIND IT. I can open and explore it at the same time, it\'s there, it\'s on, it\'s ready, but Gigastudio can\'t see it. When I take the only alternative and press FINISH, it will crash with \"Illegal page fault in ACONV.DLL\". I tried de-installing, deleting all registry files I could find, re-installing in different configurations - nothing helps. I tested the install on two other machines (P2/300 and P4/1500) without installation problems. What could be wrong on this particular machine ? Diagnostic says that Pulsar channels don\'t map and registry entries are missing.

Anybody ?