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Topic: Where are performances kept?

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    Where are performances kept?

    Hello everybody,
    Quite recently my whole system crashed and I had to reinstall Gigasampler. I managed to retrieve a lot of the files, but I was wondering in which file the performances are kept? It would be VERY nice if I could retrieve my original performance settings, because that would save me hours of work. I have already asked the techsupport at Nemesys for an answer, but they seem to be out of reach, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks - Jan

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    Re: Where are performances kept?

    Hiya Jan
    On my puter Gigastudio allways defaults to C:\\My documents (but then again EVERYTHING default to my docs in win98 )

    Have you tried searching for *.gsp ?

    hope this helps.

    The Blob

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    Re: Where are performances kept?

    Thanks for your help, but I should have looked first before I asked the question. In GS there is a directory performances, and I guess that is where they are kept. Sad thing is, I do not have that old directory anymore, so I guess I have to do a lot of puzzle work sometime in the future. Thanks for you help anyway. - Jan

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