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Topic: Minnow To Chadwick - CD EXTRACT

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    Minnow To Chadwick - CD EXTRACT

    Thanks for your reply Chadwick. You\'ve helped me in the past. Okay, Liquid Grooves - great 24 bit percussion by the way - plays as sound loops in both CD EXTRACT and Gigastudio 160. However, and here might be the gist of my problem, if you\'re familiar with CD EXTRACT, (I have only used it to hear the samples and convert to wave so I haven\'t really explored it) I notice that there are two windows after opening a partition, the bottom showing the loops to play, but the top the same file with a \'P\' in front, as you click on these top files, a window on the bottom right shows the note assignments for what seems to be the individual percussion sounds. So, I might be reading this \"P\" window incorrectly and perhaps these have been stored strictly as loops. By co-writer and myself we beginning a session where we were going to extract dry loops as waves, bring it into Cakewalk Wave Editor and edit to get as clean a sound as possible for each drum sound - retaining the 24bit quality. A slow process, n\'est pas? But, my partner is pretty proficient in editing. (We\'re both in our fifties - old guys - who have been recording playing (southern rock in chicken-wire bars down south in the 70\'s - woow eh (Canadian) and have recorded analogue for years and years and have now become digital - and loving it.) So, some of our questions might seem like we\'re a little slow, but I\'ve appreciated your help....and now you\'re understanding for two old guys. So, we both love 24 bit, want to retain 24 bit - we\'re involved in a project that uses virtual reality helmets with sound - so, if this is not possible, easily spreading Liquid Grooves, can you recommend a gig cd that has rich drum kits in 24 bit mapped across the keyboard. The retro drums don\'t even come close to the sounds on Liquid Grooves. Thanks Chadwick...for bearing with me. By the way, your solution for mapping the bass so that we don\'t lose the bottom octave on a small keyboard, the shift worked easily, but it didn\'t bring the lost lower octave with it? We haven\'t really had time to work on this and I\'m sure the solution is there, but it simply shifted the keyboard notes we already had up, leaving the ones below somewhere in gigaland. Audios Amigo

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    Re: Minnow To Chadwick - CD EXTRACT

    Hey Minnow - careful with the age cringe, I\'m 44 myself, but I\'ve never played behind chicken wire - although there are times I wish we had.

    24 bit... hmmm. I haven\'t looked at 24, but when you visit Nemesys\' site they go to pains to let you know that Giga is compatable with the latest 24/96 hardware and that you can capture Giga audio to hard disk in either 16 or 24 bit format - so I\'m tempted to assume 24 is a goer.

    ON the other hand, if you\'re converting Akai format disks, I\'m willing to bet that you only have 16 bit samples as source material. Of course, that\'s no impediment to editing in 24 bit. There\'s probably a noise floor advantage or something. BTW How is Liquid Grooves 24 bit?

    I can\'t help much more with CDxtract. You\'re right about the programme display. At the top you get a list of (if it\'s an AKAI disk) programmes which can contain multiple wavs mapped across the keyboard. There\'s an option which allows you to see only the wavs which are mapped to the particular programme you have selected (not all wavs from that folder). I don\'t know Liquid Grooves so I don\'t know about how they name their files, and if their names seem like individual sounds. If the sounds are one shot single instruments (like a snare), you should just be able to select a programme, then in the bottom window select a wav and hear the snare play. My guess is LG is full of loops rather than individual sounds, but I\'ll ask around.

    With the region shifting so that you could hear the low octaves played on higher keys, did you grab ALL the regions?

    Two problems can happen:

    1. When you look at the instrument in the editor you may not be seeing the WHOLE key range. If so, you can\'t select all the regions, so when you drag them up higher you\'re only dragging some, leaving the balance in place. But I figure you\'d notice the hole when you\'re playing. TO get around this use the + and - magnification keys at the top left of the keyboard graphic. Hit the minus key enough times and the whole range should be visible with enough space at either side to allow you to rubber band everything.

    2. If the top note of your highest region (pitchwise) reaches the top note on the keyboard map, transpose stops there. I had this for the first time a few days ago. I was dragging some stuff up and it kept stopping short. All you have to do is drag the top end of the high region down a bit lower so that you can move it higher on the graphic.

    Hope this helps, I\'ll ask about LG.

    Gotta go, there\'s a dingo eating my baby...

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