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Topic: Vcache settings

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    Vcache settings

    I\'ve just upgraded to a system which has a Pentium III 866 Mhz processor, three Cheetah 9GB SCSI drives and 512 MB of RAM.

    What would be the best vcache settings for this sytem, bearing in mind that I\'m using it in conjunction with Logic Audio?

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    Re: Vcache settings

    I\'m getting good results with min+max=32384
    You might also consider putting the line
    \"conservativeswapfileusage=1\" (no quotes)
    in your sys.ini under [386ENH]
    All assuming you\'re using win9x (dont know if this applies to others)
    Hope this helps..

    ps the conservativeswapfile gubbins prevents windoze from needlesly swapping to disk
    and instead uses all the lovely ram first!

    ill shut up now

    The Blob

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