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Topic: Latency test

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    Latency test

    Ive heard alot of people hear talk about problems with Latency.
    I have a Pent 3 450 with a SBlive for the midi in capability and a Darla 24 for sound .
    Anyway when I play sounds in giga studio I can also hear a slight latency ,which is even more of a problem when I trigger giga drum sounds via electronic drum triggers.
    Can anyone recommend a test program that I can test and see what my latency is .
    Also were in giga can you adjust latency?
    Thanks , Ken

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    Re: Latency test

    My Latency test :

    I record quarter notes using Performer (on my MAC) using a hi hat sound in giga. I then quantize the notes to begin exactly on each beat. (2.1.000, etc.)

    I record these notes into Performer from my gigastudio machine on to an audio track.

    Then I compare the time lapse from the MIDI note-on to the attack of the sample from giga. I set the rulers in Performer to real time so I can measure in msec. I\'m getting between 11 and 12 ms latency on my 1 gig system with a wavecenter PCI. I\'ve also tried the Gina with similar results. I would really like a lower latency as most of my synths are between 4 and 6 ms. Unlike ASIO i don\'t think there is a way to directly set the latency in gigastudio.

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