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Topic: Converting Akai files across keboard

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    Converting Akai files across keboard

    Here is what might be for a many a very simple question. I really have tried to figure this out. I have two Akai 1000 cd\'s that have great snares and kicks - Liquid Grooves. I want to create a drum machine from my gigastudio 160, but when I convert these Akai files to gigs, they play rhythm patterns for each key instead of the individual drum/percussion hit. When I examine these Akai files in CD EXTRACT, they are assigned individual keys in their Akai format. Is there a way to convert these files so they fall across the keyboard as individual instruments as they are in Akai format. The only other alternative is the slow process of taking them into a wave editor and separating the drums from their rhythm patterns, then mapping them and saving them in instrument editor. Surely there must be an easy conversion if they are already mapped this way in Akai format. Your help could save me beaucoup editing.


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    Re: Converting Akai files across keboard

    I don\'t understand this Minnow.
    If the individual drum sounds exist on the original sample CD, how could you not get them in the conversion?

    There would be little point in putting drum patterns into an editor, because you\'d have hihats over the top of most drum sounds. Very few loops have all instrument hits in the clear.

    Maybe someone from Spectrasonics could explain what\'s happening.....

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