Guys -- you seem to know a lot about this subject (thanks again for posting all the info on getting Gigastudio started -- it helped a lot) -- BUT -- I\'m having a problem with lag/latency that\'s killing me.

I\'m getting about 35-40ms lag (consistently -- all tracks no matter what the CPU/drive load) when I play the samples from Digital Performer. My setup is:

Gigastudio on:
Pent IV/1.4 GHz 128 RAM
20gig ATA 100 Western Dig Drive (app)
60 gig ATA/100 Maxtor Drive (samples)
AUDIO: MOTU 2408 mk II

Digital Perfformer on
G4/256 RAm, etc.

I\'m just wondering: is there any precedent with people having problems triggering the samples from Digital Performer? Could there be something with the internal timing of the app (DP) that could be screwing me up? I\'m not quite sure about this -- because I\'m noticing that some people are complaining about 7-12 ms latency. I DREAM of 7-12ms latency.

Does anyone have any insight (aside from the fact that if I\'m dreaming of shorter latency I probably should find some kind of psychiatric help or get the \'Spice Channel\' or something.)

- Thanks in advance!