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Topic: Converting Akai samples.

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    Converting Akai samples.

    I have found a sample library that I want to use in GigaStudio. Problem is, it\'s $300.00 and it is Akai format. Can someone please give me some advice as to how to convert it to .gig format, and after conversion how close to the Akai version will it sound?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Converting Akai samples.

    S-converter in Gigastudio should do a fair job of converting most Akai library - most.
    You put the disk in the drive and the partitions should appear in the quicksound area of Giga\'s front page. From there you have a few conversion options available on a right click, including the use of a batch converter which allows you to pick and choose patches.

    I say \'most\' because it seems like each of the upgrade patches which has issued for Gigastudio has had a \'fix\' for a specific Akai CD or other.

    It seems that there\'s enough variation between programming approaches that some libraries convert 100%, while others screw up to some degree.

    It might be worth telling us which library set it is, in case others have experience.

    If S-Converter isn\'t up to the task, there\'s always Translator from Rubber Chicken Systems, or CDxtract from Amazing Sound. One of their added advantage is that they cover more sources than just Akai.

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