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Topic: sequencer & Gigastudio

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    sequencer & Gigastudio

    Greetings to all,
    as a newbie, i am looking for help on setting up
    my sequencer with Gigastudio.

    Normally, i am using a SW1000XG for anything MIDI-related,
    but for now i am using a SB16 to run Gigastudio.

    I have managed to get some samples played via
    my MIDI-keyboard in Giga, fine, but i would like
    to use this sampler as a tone-generator for my MIDI files
    played by my sequencer (XGWorks)- obvious, i guess.

    But i simply can\'t get it to work...

    - i assigned XGWorks from within Giga, and start it from there

    - i\'ve tried various options in the MIDI setups, but all i hear
    is the realtime stuff i play with my MIDI-keyboard.

    Plz, i am really new to this, whats the principle?
    The sequencer takes as MIDI-outs the Nemesys-ports i suppose,
    and Giga the SB16 1,2 outs, so, what am i doing wrong?
    What MIDI_ins should i assign ?

    Any input is highly apreciated.


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    Re: sequencer & Gigastudio

    It\'s pretty easy to set up. In Gigastudio, go to the Setttings section and click on the Hardware/Routing tab. In the MIDI routing section, you have to set up what MIDI ports you would like the Nemesys MIDI ports to use. Then, in your sequencer, to play anything from Gigastudio, you select the Nemesys ports.

    Unfortunately, I don\'t know anything about the sequencer you\'re using, but those tips should get you started.

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