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Topic: bug in Kontact/SX ?

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    bug in Kontact/SX ?

    When I\'m using Kontact in Cubase SX and I have it selected as \"Always on Top\" and I go to delete an instrument, the \'delete\' goes through to Cubase and Kontact never sees it. So, I try and delete an unused instrument and I\'m actually deleting tracks in the background. Very uncool.

    Is this a cubase bug or a Kontact bug? I kind of hope it\'s a Kontact bug since the odds of Steinberg fixing it are slim. =)


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    Re: bug in Kontact/SX ?

    Kontakt Bug.Its always been like that.Your\"always on top\" settings have to be right.Aparently theres a new bug in SX2 with kontakt the I`m hoping NI will address in 1.3.In SX2,U have to set the pref. to\"old VST settings\" mode so Kontakt will work in SX2 like a VST 2.2. Hope that helps, Rich

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