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Topic: internal routing

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    internal routing


    i\'m going to buy gigasampler64, but i have an important question.
    is there a chance to route the outputs internal to cubase (both progs then on one system)?
    an user of gigastudio told me in asnother forum about the function \"stream to disk\" but he didn\'t explain it to me.
    does this function also exist in gigasampler64? how does it function?

    greetings marco

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    Re: internal routing

    Marco, \"Stream to disk\" probably refers to Giga\'s capture function which captures Giga\'s output to a .wav file. Both GigaSampler and GigaStudio have this feature. - Doug

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    Re: internal routing

    but can i route this directly to cubase?

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    Re: internal routing

    Unfortunately, no, there’s no internal routing.

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