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Topic: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

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    SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???


    Is anyone currently using SONAR and Giga togther successfully???

    I have Giga and Cake V9.03 running on the same machine very sweet and have SONAR arriving next week.

    Anything to look out for or tips???


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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

    What config do you have?

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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

    My SONAR is running fine with Giga and an SBLive. For me it was a painless upgrade, and my existing .wrk files load and play with no problems. (Of course, this is only SONAR day 2 for me!)

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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???


    Celeron 566@850
    Abit BE6-II (latest BIOS) + 384Mb RAM
    Audiophile 24/96
    ATI Rage Fury
    4 x 7200 2Mb Maxtor drives (OS, AUDIO, GIGS, BACKUPS respectively - AUDIO + GIGS each primary IDE on UDMA66 Highpoint controller)
    40x CD-ROM
    HP7100 IDE CD burner

    Software:- Win 98SE (mininmal install with virtual memory disabled + NO OTHER TWEAKS!!!!!! - I found they do more harm)
    Cake V9.03
    Gigastudio .36
    Soundforge V5.0
    Various DirectX plugs.
    WinOnCD V3.7

    No other H/W or S/W - this is a DAW.

    Full 96 voice (I only have baby Giga) with roughly 25 x 24/48 audio tracks running. No dropouts, stutters....etc. I honestly believe that the lack of \"audio\" H/W + S/W offers a significant contribution to the performance of this machine.

    **** off a shovel IMHO (for what it cost to put together)


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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

    Well there\'s a showstopper: Sonar needs WDM drivers for some of its coolest features (plugin soft synths) and Giga won\'t work w/ WDM drivers.

    What I want to know is has anyone tried w/ 2 soundcards -- 1 for WDM, 1 for GSIF?


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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

    I\'m running Sonar also and love it but I\'m going to install W2K which means GStd gets bumped back to the old, slow machine...damn!!! Any word on W2K drivers for GStd?

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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

    I have SONAR, GS160, and a Midiman Delta 1010. Can\'t successfully route audio out from SONAR through the Delta without WDM driver for Win 98SE from Midiman (this is a beta driver, but works great with Sonar, Cool Edit and everything else, by the way) but as pointed out here GS won\'t work with the WDM driver. I have an SB Live on board as well, which works with SONAR but doesn\'t get along with GS. As I see it, Either Cakewalk has to build more tolerance into Sonar, or Nemesys has to get on the WDM bandwagon. (Or maybe I\'m just naive thinking a Delta and SB can coexist in the same PC happily). Oh well . . .

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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by David Abraham Fenton:
    [B]Incredibly some people are getting <= 10ms latency in SONAR using MME drivers...folks wanting to run SONAR & GIGA simultaneously today may want to do some research in that...

    Hi Guys

    I am using Gigastudio 96 with Sonar, and have had no latency issues at all, infact I prefer my Sonar over the Cakewalk 9. I am still running Sonar on Windows 98 SE. I am having all the luck in the world. I bought a DAW from Soundsonics and its fast, the ram is High performance.

    I have used the dsp effects/Tassman in Sonar and I have not had latency or lock up issues. In the Advanced tab in Sonar I placed a checkmark under Always use MME interface even when WDM drivers are available. This makes sure that I get the most out of my Windows 98 as I will be upgrading later next year to Windows XP v2 if it came out in time with Gigastudio Support for WDM. Although these new effects and Soft Synths claim to work better with WDM drivers, I can still get my system with effects to work no problem. I just cannot do all at once, which I do not do anyway as I like concentrating on one Track/Effect/Expression etc at a time before Mixing.

    I have had great pleasure out of working with Sonar. I am running Gigastudio System with the Sonar that Soundsonics built me. I play tons of Piano and have not had a click or Pop or Latency using the Sonar on my System.

    If I can be of any help with settings in my Sonar feel free to ask.

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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

    I have been using Sonar with GigaStudio 96 and in general it works quite well. I have run into a couple problems though. If a sequence that was recorded in Cakewalk 9.03 had Time+ set to other than 0, patch changes do not work on this channel and no sound occurs after the patch change. Once I reset it to 0 it works fine. The other oddity occurs when I change the octave setting on my Roland XP-30 keyboard. It takes about 10 seconds for Sonar to catch up. This always worked fine in Cakewalk without any delay. It appears that the change causes notes to be buffered and they\'ll spit out after about 10 seconds. Everything else works fine.

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    Re: SONAR and GIGA - best of friends???

    Well, JohnW, I\'d be *very* interested to know what kind of system you\'re running on. On mine (500mhz AMD K6-II, SBLive) I get horrible latency with Tassman - 300 ms or worse. (Though SONAR continues to work very well for me as simply a better Cakewalk.)

    Bill Clark http://www.mp3.com/BillClark

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