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Topic: Instrument editor - EG1 release time

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    Instrument editor - EG1 release time

    In the instrument editor, when I increase the EG1 release time, I expect that to increase the delay time after I release the key. But it has no effect. I\'ve tried playing w/ the other envelope settings and the Response settings, but nothing allows me to get any sustain after releasing a key. What gives?

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    Re: Instrument editor - EG1 release time

    Three possibilities Mr.Chance:

    1. Because the GS Editor is not elegantly integrated into Gigastudio, in order to hear an edit you sometimes have to \'download\' the edited version of the sound over the top of the version in the actual sampler mixer. The little green, red and yellow lights let you know when this is necessary. You often need to \'APPLY\' an edit to the correct region (or all of them).

    2. Even if you are downloading the edited version, make sure you are playing the sound on the channel you downloaded on. When you load a sound up on a channel in Giga, and choose edit the editor loads that sound onto the first available channel - which MAY NOT BE the same channel number! This is usually because you loaded a sound into the editor previously which is still using that channel.

    a. From an empty performance you load Strings into channel 1

    b. Choosing edit loads the strings into channel 1 of the editor

    c. You go back to Giga, unload Strings and then load Brass into channel 1.

    d. Choosing edit loads the brass into channel _2_ because the editor STILL has the Strings patch loaded in channel 1 - even though it was unloaded from Gigastudio. There\'s the rub.

    That\'s just a possibility.

    3. Last thing I can think of is that there is such strong filter action going on that adjusting the amplifier release isn\'t going to do much. If you have a filter which is being opened from subsonic (no apparent sound) by an organ style on/off envelope, when you let go of the key it\'s going to drop to subsonic again no matter how long you set the envelope.

    Try choosing \'off\' for the filter type, you can check if this is the case.

    Good luck

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    Re: Instrument editor - EG1 release time

    One mistake I still do after using the Editor for years is:

    Open the editor change parameters, and nothing changes - because I did not select the regions to be edited!

    If you don\'t select the entire span of keys that you want to change, the only selected \"region\" will be A0. A0 will be changed but nothing else...


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    Re: Instrument editor - EG1 release time

    Thanks guys, workin now. I think I was triggering a different instrument in Giga then what I had loaded in the editor. How lame. How long have we been asking for an integrated editor?


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    Re: Instrument editor - EG1 release time

    ummmm.... since we started using it?

    Agreed - the GSEditor - Gigastudio integration is annoyingly rudimentary, to say the least.

    [This message has been edited by Chadwick (edited 04-04-2001).]

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