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Topic: Quick Sound Library 20gb Limit

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    Quick Sound Library 20gb Limit

    running gigastudio .36 and have noticed that I get gigastudio.exe crashes and kernel32 crashes when the dir for my gig files excedes 20 gb. Have done extensive testing moving, replacing and exchanging gig files.

    It will not refresh the data base without crashing if you have more then 18 or so GB in it.

    Any word on this one guys?


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    Re: Quick Sound Library 20gb Limit

    Interesting. I just installed a new 43GB drive on my GS machine, and I have roughly 25GB of samples loaded onto it. While I would never assert that my GS operation has been problem free, this doesn\'t seem to present a problem for the QS database.

    Perhaps this is related to the amount of RAM you have. How much do you have? I\'ve got 512MB.


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    Re: Quick Sound Library 20gb Limit

    I have 256mb of ram in this machine. Yah, I assigned <gigs> as the gig dir. and I have others in another dir. If the gigs dir gets bigger then 20gb it will give me a kernel32 error if I rebuild or refresh the quick sound library. It fails on different gigs depending upon which ones I have in the dir. It just reaches a certain size and wont go any further (versions .26 and .36).

    I have experimented by removing gigs and exchanging gigs and making sure they are all converted to 2.0. All the gigs work. None are damaged. If it fails on one gig, when I remove a other gigs and get below the limit it has no problem when i run the refresh again.... It is really strange, it just can\'t handle the database on my computer...

    Thanks for your help. Do you have any other sugestions?


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