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Topic: Update on my recovery

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    Update on my recovery

    I hope you all are doing well and had a great holiday season.
    It has now been 10 months since my near fatal auto accident with my resulting 5 pelvic fractures, broken ribs and neck and internal bleeding.

    I am continuing to improve and I am now on the 100-mile training schedule I used last year, but with shorter miles in the daily runs. I still do the weekly long run that ranges from 15 - 30 eventually. Thursday I did a 25-miler at the wildlife refuge. I had some pain in my right hip, but with walking breaks it lessened. All the accident damage was on the left side. I still do daily home PT - at least one 2-hour session and I often do a second in the afternoon. I have some pain and discomfort every day and often with every step, but I keep going.

    I am one week away from flying from Chicago to Poland for the Auschwitz visit.
    The weather will not be bitter cold - mainly in the 30s and maybe snow.
    I am excited, but apprehensive about how I will be feeling at such a terrible place.
    I have read so many books and watched so many movies and documentaries.
    My prior knowledge was pretty light, but now I know more than I would ever want to know.

    On January 27, CNN will air a special with Wolf Blitzer at Auschwitz - his family came from that nearby town.
    He will be interviewing Eva Kor - the leader of my trip - who is an Auschwitz survivor and Dr. Mengele twin experiment survivor. She is a wonderful lady and one tough old bird! I will do a report about my trip here in February and probably a YouTube video too.

    Moving on.
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    Re: Update on my recovery

    Great to hear you are back up and running! 30 degrees is nothing compared to the sub-zero's we've been getting, eh? I hope your trip to Auschwitz goes well and that you continue to improve! Best of luck!
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    Re: Update on my recovery

    Glad to hear the recovery is coming along. Thanks for the update. God speed!!
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    Re: Update on my recovery

    I am really sorry to hear about your accident. We have too much in common. I sincerely hope that your progress goes very well.


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    Re: Update on my recovery

    Really nice to see your post here.

    I am full of admiration for the diligence you have applied to your recovery.

    Looking forward to hearing how Auschwitz affects you.

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    Re: Update on my recovery

    I can say for certain that trail runners are a special breed.

    I followed an old trial runner up to the summit of Mount Ellinor this summer which is only a 1 1/2 mile hike but has quite the vertical. I had to ask him to take a break half way up or we wouldn’t have stopped. It was his 79th birthday.

    It’s great to hear you’re doing so well.


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    Re: Update on my recovery

    First, very sorry to hear of your accident. Secondly, happy to hear you are on the road to full recovery! As a first responder, I understand the severity of your incident yet can happily say you are on the right track! God speed and much health to you!

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