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Topic: problems running Gigastudie 160 and Cubase 5

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    problems running Gigastudie 160 and Cubase 5

    I have problems running both Gigastudie 160 and Cubase 5 at the same time, Cubase simply takes over and I can’t play midi from Gigastudie. I have a Emu APS soundcard and a PIII 128mb ram, 667mhz computer. I really hope someone can help me.

    Thanks for any replies

    Jonas Petersen. Denmark

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    Re: problems running Gigastudie 160 and Cubase 5

    Hi Jonas . I may not be any help as I have the same or similar problem using Logic or Cubase and I have a delta 1010. If I open Cubase first it works fine but get nothing from gst. When I open Gst first and launch the program from there, like I should be doing, the MIDI part of the sequencer works so it works with Gst. But, I get a message about ASIO hardware malfunction and I can’t record or play back audio. So my only thought is that you may not have opened them in the correct order. I have had 2 days experience with Gst so you are not getting any thoughts from a vast pool of knowledge on this end.

    Minimal Turbulence ,

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