i use sonar 2 and bundle with it there is an interesting midi FX plugin, able to change by a random value the MIDI velocity.

i also have GPO that, as we all know, is able to build ensemble from single instruments.

if i have (let\'s say) a violin track i can play that track with 2 or more different violins in GPO. the easiest way to obtain a good result is just to assign the single track to the two GPO violins and let them play in unison, using VAR1 and VAR2 to get some human variations.

but i want to go beyond: i clone the single violin MIDI track and assign them to different MIDI channels in GPO, so that every \"violinist\" receive its own MIDI data from its own track.

here is where the MIDI plugins comes handy: you can use the \"midi FX velocity\" plugin to randomize a little the note velocity (+/-10), in order to change the performance just a bit.

you can also, through a CAL routine (i can provide it), change a little the positions (of some MIDI ticks) of the notes, so that the players don\'t play exactly at unison.

these previous two tweakings require just some second to be applied... but the result is really wonderful!

the last thing could be to vary just a bit the modwheel datas, so that even the volume of the different players will be a bit different from one player to the other.
unfortunately i don\'t know a simple method to randomize the envelope AND mantainig it coherent (i.e. avoid \"volume jumps\" like CC1=90 followed by a CC=95... should be CC=90 always followed by CC=91). is there some MIDI FX plugin that do this job? or can somone program it for GPO?! :-)