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Topic: Cubase SX Users

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    Cubase SX Users

    Hi there
    Has anyone found a way of cubase SX2 showing the GPO instrument name thats selected on any given track in the prg: box in the track inspector?
    Its a bit of a pain having to go into kontakt to find out what instrument is associated with say midi channel 1..my sampler of choice is Vsampler and the instruments show up nicely in the PRG: box...any ideas??

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    Re: Cubase SX Users

    What I usually do is:

    ) In CubaseSX2 I press F11 to get the VST-Instrument Window, load GPO, load 8 Instruments, assign each instrument a unique midi-channel and a unique stereo-output. Close the GPO and VST-Instrument window.

    ) Scroll track list down to the bottom, where the effects/vst channels are. Expand the \"PersonalorchestraVST\" track: 8 subtracks should open (each one named with something really meaningful like \"KPIPOXXYY\").

    ) Doubleclick onto each trackname and rename as you wish.

    ) Press F3 to open the mixer and voilà: You\'ve got meaningful VST-Channel names. You might want to hide the midi channels in the mixer, though.

    This works for the PC version. I hope I was helpful.

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    Re: Cubase SX Users


    Alan wrote an excellent Cubase SX tutorial you may find useful:


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Cubase SX Users

    Alexander Publishing has just released the first in a series of Cubase SX 2.0 Street Smart Guides for Cubase SX 2.0, downloadable (70MB +) for only $20US. It can also be ordered on CD for only $25US.


    You get:

    . 21 lessons
    . opportunity to e-mail questions on specific chapters
    . MIDI files
    . .cpr files
    . the complete MIDI file to Jeux de vagues as created by Andy Blaney
    . the complete MP3 of Jeux de vagues
    . the complete conductors score to Jeux de vagues (50 pages!)
    . Jeux de vagues set up as a template inside SX 2.0
    . a special Master Class in MIDI Editing and orchestration techniques not available in any other SX 2.0 text.

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