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Topic: "Battle March" Demo

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    "Battle March" Demo

    \'Bout five hours using GPO Studio with Overture SE.


    This is not finished, not by a long shot, but the orchestral \"bursts\" are a great stopping point. Also, this may take a while to download...server...not good.


    Basic Orchestral Percussion Combo
    French Horn Overlay FF, French Horn 1 Ens1, French Horn 1 Ens2, French Horn 1 Ens3, French Horn 2 Ens1, French Horn 2 Ens2, French Horn 2 Ens3
    Trumpet Overlay, Trumpet 1 Ens1, Trumpet 1, Ens2, Trumpet 1 Ens3, Trumpet 2 Ens1, Trumpet 2 Ens2, Trumpet 2 Ens3, Muted Trumpet
    Trombone Overlay, Trombone Ens1, Trombone Ens2, Trombone Ens3
    Flute Ens1, Flute Ens2, Flute Ens3
    Violins 1 Sustain + Short Bows

    And now for the obligatory \"constructive criticism,\" go!

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    Re: "Battle March" Demo

    For those who do not like to wait, I put it on my (faster) server...



    Cool stuff with the percussion, the opening almost reminded me of my piece \"Widow Of War\".

    Keep working at it, I can\'t wait to hear the conclusion (or the next act, depending on how long the full piece will be)...

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    Re: "Battle March" Demo

    All right, thanks for hosting it!

    The full one will probably be about five minutes. The latter three will be less march-like and more frantic, more melodic too, with added strings and woodwinds. A lot harder to score, too. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img]

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