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Topic: Prelude to La Traviata

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    Prelude to La Traviata

    For any Opera Fans - here is my GPO-ised version of the Humming Chorus from Madam Butterfly.

    humming chorus

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    Re: Puccini\'s Humming Chorus GPO for opera fans

    High LOW,

    Pretty good but could do with a little more dynamics. All in all, though, not bad for an Englishman. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Puccini\'s Humming Chorus GPO for opera fans


    With the forum overhaul, I nearly missed this one.

    I enjoyed this piece from one of my favorite operas. You did a fabulous job.
    I agree with Hardy that some more dynamics could be applied but I seem to recall you posting that your keyboard had no midi-controllers. Hope you found a workaround?

    Thanks for posting this.


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    Re: Verdi\'s La Traviata for opera likers

    Took on board the comments from Gary and Hardy, bought a midi controller (as my keyboard didn\'t have one) and for this next piece twiddled the MOD knob so much it nearly fell off.

    So still hoping there might be one or two opera-likers in the GPO community, here is the prelude to Verdi\'s La Traviata done with 3 GPO instances, and one worn out MOD knob.

    Prelude to La Traviata

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